Season 2013

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The season 2013 at Kunsthalle, opened at the end of September with “Die Lichtung”, an exhibition curated by Camilla Martinelli. Three young artists born in Trentino, Fabrizio Perghem, Michele Parisi and Juri Neil, based their work on the concept of „the clearence“, an argument deepened by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. They interpreted the sense of
opening, clearing, as well as the one of darkness. Beginning of October, on occasion of the 9th Day of Contemporary Art promoted by AMACI, the Association Errante of Merano, with Silvia Morandi, Josu Lezameta and Danilo Ferrin, put up „Intermittenze“, a dance theatre performance, set in the late 70s in East Berlin, inspired by the novel „What remains“ by Christa Wolf. In dialogue with the writing of Wolf, the perfomance dealt with issues and questions which cross our lives, and proposed an interpretation of „unsteadiness“, which included expansions of being itself, of sense and dignity in the private and political forms of everyday living. On the 11th of October „Il dorso delle cose“ opened, the solo exhibition of Luca Coser, curated by Federico Mazzonelli. With a unique installation of seven dwarfs embedded in plaster, the artist broached the issue of an unexpected visual. He used one of the most obsessive images of his childhood, and – starting with the encounter of time and space – created a new tale, basing it on what moves behind „the theater of reality“. The last exhibition took place on the 18th of October with „Real Naturally“: a group exhibition curated by Cornelis van Almsick. It included works by: Paula Doepfner, Christian Eisenberger, Julia Frank, Lucie Geffray, Hubert Kostner, David Pinter, Alexander Ruthner, Benjamin Tomasi and Min Yoon. The show explored the subject of nature from different points of view, joining works of local artists with works of internationally reknown ones. A well articulated exhibition, which focused on the transition of nature in art and on using nature itself as a creative material.
Each opening was accompanied by live music: Rude O’rchestra, Music Designer Mr. Coon, Dj Gianna and Radio Sonnenschein On Air.

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