Season 2012


Amongst the artists exhibiting their projects at Kunsthalle Eurocenter Lana in 2012, the following are to be mentioned: primarily Antonio Riello, a well known Italian artist and heir to the 60s and 70s conceptual art scene. With “Opzione it.”, curated by Valerio Dehò, he displayed half a kilo of potassium cyanide, an amount that would have sufficed to kill the entire Italian population. For this occasion, Lana’s voluntary fire brigade accompanied the visitors “as if they were a security service” to the work on display, making it into a sort of active and activated performance which finally made the conceptual approach peak. After this, “Life“, the first personal exhibition of Julia Frank, a young South Tyrolean artist from Silandro, opened it’s doors. She is a student of Aron Demetz at Carrara school of fine arts. At Kunsthalle, Julia Frank installed a church altar, complete with red carpet and church benches. A strong installation, inspired by concepts like her birthplace, religion, familiarity and estrangement. The next exhibition was „All offers considered“, by Armin Blasbicher. The artist, architect and designer who is born in Bressanone is also a professor at the University of Innsbruck and the Free University of Bolzano. The work he showed, shared the surface of the Kunsthalle in a way that was both abstract and real. It investigated the subject of private ownership and reflected upon the mechanisms that stay behind collective – as well as private interests. Terenzio Eusebi, artist born in Ascoli Piceno, then displayed a personal exhibition called „Hidden forms“, an installation of little sculptures, whose form and substance became the sole protagonists, though reflecting his typical experience and sensitivity at the same time.
Each opening was accompanied by live music: the Recital Jazz Trio Rovereto, (in cooperation with LanaLive), Max Calanducci – Thomas Schölzhorn – Simon Öggl – Nico Platter, Davic Frank Ziehharmonika, DJ mam (sunday best).

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